Happiness in every bite is what we serve!  

Olee's Kitchen 

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Who We Are? Stories about us.

Olee's Kitchen (8465 Holcomb Bridge Road Ste. 610 Johns Creek, GA 30022/ 770-642-8600)
 We’re a family owned and operated takeout restaurant called Olee’s Kitchen, located in the Rivermont Station Kroger shopping center. 

Olee’s Kitchen is a hole in the wall sort of place, small, nothing fancy, but has a lot of love and care. Some of the popular items on our menu are Philly Cheese Steaks, Gyro wraps, Chicken Wings, Specialty Korean Tacos as well as Steak & Teriyaki Chicken Bowls. We serve some Glutin free options and we also take orders for some Korean dishes such as Chapchae and Bibimbop on a call-in basis.
A little background story about this place -- Olee is a registered architect in Georgia and has worked on projects from skyscrapers, higher education renovations to multi-family housing for over 12 years. She has always been away from home and never got to spend quality time with her mom before. One day, sitting at her office contemplating what the rest of her life would be like, she suddenly wanted to try something else. She knows she will come back to the profession at some point, since she loves the process of designing buildings and the creative and collaborative effort to make things happen, but as time goes by, there are only so many chances to be with family, so she decides to take a break and work together with her mom.The person who gave her life and supported her all the way but never got to spend a good and quality time together. Not to mention, cooking runs in the family and Ms. Park has been a cook over 30 years. She loves cooking and watching people enjoying her food. She wouldn't want to retire but would rather continue working so she can serve people.
The restaurant is called ‘Kitchen’ so that it isn't necessarily tied down to a specific menu but we're free to explore and adapt to customers' needs as we go. So our concept is to evolve. We use fresh ingredients and prepare our sauces from scratch as much as we can. We buy fresh Halal beef and cut it ourselves. 


This little girl, one of my dearest regulars said to me out of the blue "Olee, you are my role-model." I was, of course, pleasantly surprised and asked her why. That day, I was having a rough day probably blaming the slow sales due to the weather. And there she was by saying something that totally made my day. She went on saying "Because you left architecture to pursue your dream to become a great restaurant owner and an amazing cook. By the way, I love your food". Oh my god, I almost felt like crying. It was the moment that I realized why I need to keep going. Yes, I had some tough days and I may come across more of those but now knowing that my perseverance could inspire someone, this is why I ought to be strong and positive! And share lots of good and healthy energy with my customers!!! Thank you! Olee (1/29/2017)

Hello, Olee's kitchen lovers! Can't you believe? Olee's Kitchen made a year already! Come join us celebrating our first year anniversary. Selected menu items will be 20% off on Mar.02 (Thursday). We are still here because you have supported us all this way. We are sincerely grateful for all your support & encouragement! We can't wait to see you! -Olee's Kitchen

A little rusty about our food? Check out our menu at www.oleeskitchen.com. (03/ 02/2017)


When a customer walks into Olee's Kitchen, he/she may look tired or irritated by whatever the load that they have been carrying that day, our job there is not only accommodating them with great food and service but also let them pause for a moment and start to smile again. I would politely ask how they are doing first and begin to make some silly comments then they grin or break out in laughter. I am confident that our food will make most of the customers feel better already but sometimes, people just need that simple distraction to get recharged.This little moment of happiness is the engine of Olee's, a mini charging station :)

Olee's (3/04/2017)


Understanding and customizing the needs of customers. We start to develop these so-called "Usuals" such as Jason's usual, Kenny's, Sam's, Jim's, Asia's and Free's, the list goes on. Unless they request otherwise that day, as they walk in to the store, we are getting ready to cook already. We have studied and understood each customer's tendency and tried to maintain their standard as we pay attention to details. Would you like your usual today? Talk to Olee's.
From Olee's Kitchen (3/07/2017)