Happiness in every bite is what we serve!  

Olee's Kitchen 

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Office Lunch Catering
-Teriyaki Chicken
-Stir fried veggies
-Garden Salad
-Steamed veggies (Broccoli, carrots & cabbage)
-Fried veggie pot stickers
-Steamed rice included not shown in the picture.

Catering for Yelp-Dance FX event

(Event Link) <-----CLICK to check out!

-Bulgogi(Steak)/Spicy Chicken bite/BBQ chicken/tofu tacos

-Turkey melt/ pesto chicken tocos(Glutin Free)

-Fruit skewers

-Fried veggie pot-stickers

-Turkey/Ham melts

-Korean cookies/crackers

*Photo Credit goes to Brian K.

Catering for Barnwell Elementary school PTA (100 ppl order).

-Bulgogi: Marinated thinly sliced steak in Korean style brown sauce.

-Teriyaki Chicken: Grilled chicken leg meat with sweet teriyaki sauce.

-Teriyaki & Spicy Tofu: Deep fried tofu tossed in teriyaki and Korean style red sauce.

-Garden Salad with grilled chicken breat: Fresh romain, roma tomatos, cucumber & red onions.

-Fried veggie dumplings.

-Steamed rice.

Steamed broccoli, carrots & cabbage.


*Photo Credit goes to Dana V.

Catering for Staff Zone (20 ppl order).

-Gyro wraps cut in half.
-Ham & Turkey Sandwiches.
-Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.
- Garden Salad with grilled chicken breat: Fresh romain, roma tomatos,       
   cucumber & red onions.
-Pesto Chicken Panini Sandwiches.
-Drinks and chips.
Catering for Anytime Fitness.

-Lemon Pepper & Teriyaki wings.
-Fried Dumplings.
-Spicy Chicken bites.
-Teriyaki & Spicy Tofu.
-Salary and Carrot sticks & dressings.
100 wing platter with Garden Salad

50 wing platter

Taco Platter